State of Things

My creative writing practice has taken a backseat to other priorities these last few years. To be clear, I’m not complaining or feeling sorry for myself in any way. I am fortunate to have a rich and busy life both personally and professionally and writing just hasn’t found it’s way back in yet. Speaking as someone who has written poems since I was old enough to put block crayon to construction paper, I feel comfortable and confident that when the muse is ready she will forcibly and without mercy, crash her way back into my life like the Kool-Aid man. If I’m being honest, though, I do miss it. So, I figured I’d try adopting a new kind of practice and writing stream of conscious-style right here, for anyone who happens to stumble by. My website has been dormant for so long, not to mention that when I changed domain providers a few months back, I forgot to redirect the domain so it’s been a dead link since September 2022. I doubt anyone will pop by, but that’s OK. 🙂

I have no idea if I will actually follow-through with this little practice but I’m gonna give it a shot and see how it goes. If you happen to stop by and want to throw some encouragement my way, feel free to drop a comment. If meanies, creeps, bullies, or bots start chiming in, though, imma turn ’em off, so be nice.

Happy Birthday to my dad who turned 80 today! WOO HOO!

Thanks for checking in. 🙂

Me and my dad a few years ago on the Bosque Trail in ABQ.

Quite Out of Date!

Oh my, I have let this site get painfully out of date. To be honest, however, it is not because I am simply too lazy or disinterested to bother to update it, but because I have not been writing or reading publicly of late. This, I have recently decided, must change. So, please bear with me while I get everything back in order, and my literary life back on track.

Thanks so much for your patience!

What if? An Exhibition + Reading — April 24th

So VERY proud to be part of this event with such an incredible group of women artists and writers! I hope you’ll come to the opening next Friday!


Cut+Paste Society collaborates with El Zaguán on a women’s exhibition and reading curated by Artist-in-Residence Anna Yarrow and Edie Tsong.

What if . . . ?

What if . . . is dream-space and creative tension. It evokes a feeling of possibility and expansion.
The moment an idea is planted, the reverie that follows, and (maybe) action!

Opening: April 24, 5:00-8:00pm, Reading at 7:00pm

Ahjo K. Sipowicz
Amina Re
Anna Kate Yarrow
Anne Winkler
Edie Tsong
Elisa Keir
Eliza Evans
Grace Berge
Kathleen Mccloud
Mayumi Nishida Carver
Niomi Fawn
Sarah Spengler
Sybil Ross
Sydney Cooper

Ahjo K. Sipowicz
Anah-karelia Coates
Debbi Kapp Brody
Kim Parko
Kira Jones
Joanne Dominique Dwyer
Micaela Butts
Michelle Laflamme-Childs
Nova Cynthia Barker
Rachel Faith Brown
Robyn Hunt

Exhibition is up through May 20.

Free and open to the public.

Things Unsaid Event — February 15, 2015

Hey All! I’m reading at this event on February 15th at Collected Works Bookstore! You should check it out and submit some of your own “things unsaid” for the Things Unsaid blog. The other featured readers are:

Stella Reed
Alicia Marie Rencountre-Da Silva
James Stevens
Bett Williams


In love, we too often silence our deepest wishes; we fail to explain, say things we regret, disguise our emotions, or simply walk away.

With Things Unsaid, Santa Fe’s Cut+Paste Society greets Valentine’s Day 2015 with an invitation to all to give voice to thoughts, sentiments and emotions left hidden, denied, forgotten or stored away.

Through readings, anonymous writings, and a web page, this project offers an opportunity for these voices to be heard, building a monument to our collective human need for attachment, capacity for love, longing for absolution and our need to let go.

Things Unsaid will culminate in a reading and conversation at 11:00am on Feb 15 at Collected Works in Santa Fe, NM. Together with Journey Santa Fe, we’ll present local authors reading on the theme of things unsaid. We will ask those attending to give voice to others’ anonymous Things Unsaid submitted during the event and via And all will be invited to document and contribute to the conversation through their own anonymous writings.

Cut+Paste Society is a community of women writers and artists in the Santa Fe area who have been meeting monthly since 2010. Our goal is to bring together our experiences, skills, practices, and communities to work beyond our individual spheres of influence. Learn more about Cut+Paste on our Facebook page.

Submit your things unsaid (in 200 words or fewer) to All submissions will be kept strictly anonymous. Cut+Paste Society reserves the right to edit submissions to meet length requirements and preserve author anonymity.

First Annual Cut+Paste Secret Valentine Poetry Texting Party

"They are the Nameless" by Carmen Stone
“They are the Nameless”
by Carmen Stone

This is a Secret Valentine Poetry Texting extravaganza! We will collect cell numbers and pair people anonymously. You do not need to be a writer to participate in this event. Everyone is invited to be creative and spontaneous with a cell phone! Send your cell number to Alicia Marie Rencountre-Da Silva via a Facebook message and she’ll pair you with someone. We encourage you to be creatively subversive! Surprise each other with unexpected pieces about love and what surrounds it. How does love transcend assumptions, norms and societal constraints? How does love open us up to life, or shut us down?

Click the link below for details on how to participate!

via First Annual Secret Valentine Poetry Texting Party.